Kommentar von edlerverein am 02.06.2005 22:40:31 
dear cyrano,
this text (which is completely useless as a cloze exercise by the way!!! ) but most delightful as a satirical text) should be put into a category of its own. I'm thinking of opening a "satire" section in our English Oberstufe department but would like to make sure first that there'll be further sequels. Keep going - channel your energies in this direction and you'll have us rolling with laughter instead of tearing our hair out or shaking our heads in disgust!!

Kommentar von event am 02.06.2005 22:53:14 
Bin keine Englischkollegin, aber das habe selbst ich ver standen.

Kommentar von three am 06.06.2005 11:41:05 
please, do me a favor
schreib die fortsetzung!

Kommentar von tsv1860 am 09.06.2007 23:28:46 
...denn so hat L/in noch mehr Spaß am Unterrichten. Vielen, vielen Dank!

Kommentar von bernstein am 04.06.2008 17:10:37 
am besten finde ich
ministry of Fear and Education *hihi*

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